A common project of the ehs (protestant community of students) with all those who would like to join in.

The old oriental word 'paradise' means a protected place, a garden where there is plenty of water and where plants, animals and human beings can enjoy life freely. So it means a place where even beings who are suffering because they are threatened or deprived may find peace. It is such a place that we want to create by a community of people who play music together. A paradise-orchestra were refugees and people who come from here communicate in mutual respect in a language that crosses borders because universally it is spoken and understood. MUSIC as a bridge between worlds! MUSIC as a healing element in a fragmented world.

We want to create harbours where you can arrive so that such an orchestra can come into existence. There is, for example, an intercultural group that plays the drums, they have been meeting regularly since July 2015 – students of the ehs and others who accepted to be invited. This invitation is continuing. In the meantime even children have joined in and we hope that more children will come. The choir of the ehs is open to all. And we want to go even further: we want to learn from each other. Lessons for children and adults who play an instrument – the teachers would come from here and also come from far as refugees. Professionals and lay-people. Perhaps we learn even much more from each other: treasures of languages, cultures, philosophies of life discovered while sharing with the person next to me.... really an INTERCULTURAL SCHOOL OF MUSIC.

We invite all who are interested in such a project to join in! There are possibilities to reflect together, to organise, give lessons and to offer instruments....

We translate this text in different languages; all translations and further information about our project you find here.

Also, please feel free to contact us by mail: music@ehs-dresden.de
or phone: 0172/6991480 or 0174/7238312 or 0351/4690211.